Encore Fitness Team

Edgar Schafer

Certified personal trainer

Edgar Schafer was born in New Orleans in 1946. After attending Jesuit High School and Loyola University he move to the north shore in 1972. In 1980 he opened Covington Court Club, the area’s first multi-purpose fitness facility. It was then and there that he began training people on a one-to –one basis. He sold the facility in 1990, and then went to work for GILSBAR as a wellness consultant. He assisted his company’s clients in establishing worksite health promotion and diseases prevention programs.

Despite the career change Schafer’s passion for fitness never waned. He was a state-ranked racquetball player, a marathon distance runner, as well as a “gym rat”, in his own words.

In 2010 the personal trainer industry was in full bloom. Schafer got recertified and began training others as an avocation. He also got to try out theories of weight loss, strength gain, and cardiovascular improvement that he read about in various fitness journals. His first client lost 30 lbs. in three months, while displaying strength gains, increases in flexibility and balance along with notable improvement to his cardiovascular system. A new career was in the making for Schafer.

In 2013, Encore Fitness came into being. Although Encore’s clients are all ages, it specializes in the 50+ age group. “Young personal trainers don’t know what it’s like to live in and older body. It takes one to know one,’” says Schafer. “ All of the trainers who work for me are at least 60. We can relate to that stiffness, that back pain. We fight it ourselves!”

Encore Fitness offers something unheard of in the realm of personal training – a money back guarantee! A new client undergoes a battery of assessments, to include
weight. strength, flexibility and balance. Based on the assessments results Schafer helps the client establish realistic goals. If client agrees to meet 3 sessions per week for 3 months then he/she will meet her goals – or a full refund is theirs.

What’s Encore Fitness’s secret to success? Movement! Our bodies are designed to move about. Our culture makes movement unnecessary. Therein lies the problem.
“Want to know the reason for the epidemic of obesity? Or Diabetes? Or heart disease? It’s because we don’t move enough.”

A typical Encore Fitness workout session consists of a warm-up period, core strengthening exercises, bodyweight training, and a cool down period. Only light weights are used. 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions are offered. Cost is $40, $50 and $60, respectively. For more information contact Edgar Schafer at 985/966-4596.

Suzanne Fernandez

Certified personal trainer

Suzanne was born in New Orleans in 1950. Coming from an athletic family, Suzanne and her three siblings were always involved in sports and physical activities. While attending Dominican High School she developed an interest in gymnastics and tennis, the latter of which she played for many years, before becoming involved in women’s competitive racquet ball. Suzanne attended her first aerobics class in the late 70’s, around the time Jane Fonda came on the scene, and was immediately hooked. After moving to the north shore in 1981 she began leading group classes at Covington Racquet and Fitness, a health club owned by her brother, Edgar. During the ensuing years she attended workshops and seminars all over the country and obtained certifications through AFAA, NDETA, T P Kick Box and Reebok Step. Suzanne became part of Encore Fitness in 2013 and loves the personal aspect of one on one training and the connection that develops between her and her clients. “I am amazed at the trends and the growth that has taken place in the fitness industry in the past 32 years. One thing that never changes, however, is the challenge of meeting the specific needs of our clients and the relationship we build with them through Encore.”


Doug Hamley

Certified Personal Trainer

Doug was born in Greenwood MS in 1952. He spent most of his youth in Baton Rouge where his dad coached football for 18 years. It was in then that he started fitness training and learned about nutrition. He was tutored by the legendary Alvin Roy, who was one of the first proponents of strength training for professional athletes. Mr. Roy also coached the Olympic weight lifting team.

Doug went on to play college football for Ole Miss as a fullback. After college he joined the coaching staff at John Curtis High School in New Orleans. While there Curtis played in eight state championship games. They won seven times.

He entered private business for a number of years but always stayed involved in the world of fitness. Doug came to work for Encore Fitness in 2013. He is our “go to” guy when it comes to strength training.