Why Diets Don’t Work

By: Edgar Schafer

Hi I’m Edgar Schafer with Encore fitness. I want to talk to you about why diets don’t work. Go to Amazon and search “diet books”. There will be 50,000+ books from which to choose. If diets work then why are there so many books on the subject? The truth is diets don’t work. By definition, a diet is something you go onto an get off of at some point. The term “going on a diet” usually puts someone in the mindset that they will make changes for a specific time, but then may revert back to their old ways once done. Why? Because dieting makes you miserable, that’s why. This form is thinking he is not an effective strategy for permanent weight loss. I bet you have had such an experience yourself. Besides, all a dieter thinks about not is not eating food. That causes him / her to think about food! Another thing, when dieting the hormones that make you feel full decrease and that hormones that make you feel hungry increase. Not a good situation.

Still another thing, the diet industry is a $20 billion per year concern. The diet industry has a deep interest in the failure of dieters; if everyone got skinny they’d go out of business. The diet industry’s job is to make money, not to tell you the truth. The results of our diet obsessed culture? 35% of adults over the age of 20 or obese 5% of them are morbidly obese.

The following series of videos I’m going to tell you what does work. I will give you small step-by-step
changes in eating habits and lifestyle that will produce the weight loss you desire. Stay tuned. See you next time.

Presentation #2
Hello, I’m back to give you the first step to take to achieve permanent weight loss: 2 words – avoid sugar. The average American consumes between 150 and 170 pounds of refined sugar per year. Women should consume about an ounce of sugar per day, men 11/2 ounces per day. Instead, we are taking in a 3 ounces per day. Probably saying that is not true of me. Well, let me give you an example of how the food industry sneaks sugar into your diet. Here is a soft drink; contained in this can are 9 teaspoons of sugar. That is the average daily limit for a man. Let me show you with that looks like. (Show a can of Coke, measure out 9 tsps.) Let me ask you question would you put 9 teaspoons of sugar and a glass of ice tea? You probably would not but that is how much sugar is contained in a soft drink. Sugar is hidden in many foods under other names like high fructose corn syrup, maltose, sucrose, dextrose, glucose, in all 57 different names altogether. Besides that sugar is a drug an addictive drug it’s eight times more addictive than cocaine. If you don’t think that’s true just cry getting off that stuff you will literally go through withdrawals. Sugar produces a high followed by a low, To get the high back you have to consume more sugar. The first step is it in avoiding sugar is reading the labels of the food you buy. You will be amazed at how many different foods are laced with sugar. My advice is to make small changes in your diet until your consumption of the stuff is under control. In summary, step one to achieve permanent weight loss–avoid sugar. Until next time.

Presentation #3
Hi, I’m back with the second step you must need to take for permanent weight loss. Eat breakfast every morning. The number one excuse people offer for not eating breakfast is that they don’t have the time; the truth is they don’t plan ahead. Excuse number 2 is they are not hungry. Valid excuse. The remedy? Start with something light – a scoop of protein powder in a little fruit juice, along with a few nuts. That will provide your body with a portion of the 3 macro nutrients it needs to function well. Protein from the protein powder, Carbohydrates from the juice and fats from the nuts. Other reasons? They don’t have food in the house, they need to get the kids ready, there were running late for work, all excuses that can be overcome with a little planning. Look, your body is coming off a long fasting period of between eight and 10
hours with no food intake. Your body doesn’t know when you plan to feed it again so it goes into protection mode; it holds onto stored fat. Fat is your body’s money in the bank. It will sacrifice muscle first and preserve stored fat last. In addition, breakfast eaters feel less cranky and fatigued. If you start your day off with caffeine and sugar what do you expect to feel as the drugs wear off? Breakfast eaters suffer less from obesity and have lower risks of chronic disease as well. By the way kids who eat breakfast perform better at school, too. Steps 1 and 2 – avoid sugar and eat breakfast. See you next time.

Presentation #4
Eat balanced and eat often. In addition to your 3 main meals add 2 to 3 snacks in between them. Balance refers to the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats you need to consume each time you eat. If you don’t feed your body with each of those macro nutrients Your body will send hunger signals to your brain, saying I’m still not satisfied. Let me show you and easy way to eat a balanced meal. It’s what’s known as the “Hand Method” of eating.