Spark – The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain

By: Edgar Schafer

I want to introduce you to a book. It’s entitled “Spark – The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain”.

I want to introduce you to a book. It’s entitled “Spark – The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain”.

Dr. John Ratey is the author. He is a professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. I like the book for 2 reasons; first, it’s readable. You don’t need a medical dictionary to understand what the author is saying to the reader. Secondly, it tells the results of many major studies as regards the impact of movement on the brain.

Let me give some highlights from the book:
Beginning at age 40 we lose on average 5% of our overall brain volume. Like your body your brain starts to decay – unless you exercise vigorously and regularly. Doing so will not only keep your brain from rotting, but will actually reverse cell deterioration.

You see, scientists used to think that we were born with a fixed number of brain cells. That’s not the case. The brain is constantly being rewired. We can actually grow new brain cells. One of the essential ingredients necessary to achieve new cell growth is produced by exercise.

Additionally, people who exercise vigorously experience a state of well-being, a relaxed state. Now we know the reason for that – exercise increases the presence of chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. Serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, to name a few. These chemicals influence our mood. They produce those feelings of well-being.

Science indicates that smoking, inactivity and poor diet harms our bodies. We now know that the same things that kill the body also kill the brain.
People who are obese are twice as likely to suffer from dementia. People with heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol have a marked increase in developing Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that exercise can protect against those diseases for decades.

If exercise were a pill it would be the most widely prescribed medication the world has ever known. Ask your doctor if he would recommend that you exercise. Movement is good medicine. Motion is the lotion, we tell our clients.

Like any other medicine, exercise has side effects. Be aware that you will lose weight, gain strength, fortify your bones, increase your flexibility, improve your balance and boost your stamina. It will also elevate your mood and strengthen your immune system. How’s that for side effects, folks?
Just as science has made strides in the knowledge of how your brain works, the fitness industry has made strides in the effects of exercise on your body. We know more today than ever before how work out efficiently and safely.

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Remember, getting older is unavoidable. But falling apart is not. You can do something about that.

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